Wealth Coaching

We work in partnership with Dr Lami

Wealth Consultant, Money Coach, Clinical Psychologist, Keynote Speaker, Author and an avid reader and swimmer.

Over twenty years of experience in the world of wealth, Dr. Lami is well acquainted with how money impact people’s life and the positive and negative feelings it creates for individuals, couples and families. She understands how to help people with the impact financial and ‘non-financial’ challenges have on their emotional well-being.

From London to LA, with tailor made solutions to match the needs of her clients she helps her clients deal with the impact money, success, fame or wealth has on their lives across generations and cultures.

Her family business background has provided her with the expertise to focus entirely on people and the quality of their relationships rather than on the day-to-day decisions of wealth management or legacy and estate planning. She specialises in family wealth, money coaching, wealth psychology, and family business consulting.